531 Gramatan Ave (b/w Broad & Grand Streets) Mount Vernon, New York 10552
A to Z selection of Products

Your Friendly 6 Minute Pharmacy
Open 7 Days

  • Prescriptions & Vitamins
  • Specialty & HIV Drugs
  • Surgical, Home Health & Safety
  • Wound Care & Diabetes Care
  • Reading Glasses and Sunglasses
  • Boutique & Beauty
  • Designer Clothes, Bags, Wallets
  • Cosmetics & Costume Jewelry
  • Toys, Gifts & Greeting Cards
  • Candy & Stationery
  • Home Supplies & Dollar Items
  • NY Lotto & Scratch Off
  • Fax & Copy Service
  • 90-Day Supply Prescriptions

Our Vision and Mission Statement


Our pharmacy will make sure you have access to the right medicine at right dose, as well as a number of other pharmacy services. We will answer questions about medicines, as well as give useful information about health conditions. Our opening hours and the range of services provided will be clearly displayed and you will receive service from qualified pharmacists and trained staff.


Our pharmacy ensures that our staff are qualified and trained, and comply with professional standards, guidelines and codes of conduct. You will be supplied with the right medicine at the right dose. Pharmacy services you receive will be provided with professional care, skill and competence.


Our staff will respect different cultures, beliefs and values and you have the right to be shown respect, dignity and consideration. We will provide the same quality of service to you, your caretaker, or anyone else involved in your healthcare.


Our pharmacy will answer any questions about the services provided, including treatment options and costs. We can discuss different cost effective FDA approved generic medications that may be available in the market to lower your health care costs. With your permission, we will also communicate with other members of your healthcare team such as your PCP.


Our pharmacy would like to work with you to make decisions about your medications and pharmacy services so that the care we provide works for you. With your permission, we will work with your family and/or caretakers, and other members of your healthcare team (such as your PCP), to make sure that the care we give you suits your needs. This recognizes that you have the right to be included in decisions and choices about your health care.


Our pharmacy recognizes that your privacy is our utmost priority every time we discuss your health related information with your health care team. You have the right to have your personal information kept private and confidential and we follow all professional codes of conduct, standards and guidelines, as well as privacy laws. You also have the right to discuss your health with any of our staff in a private area.